Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Hello lightness, my old friend.

Ho ho ho, it's that time of the year when every blog and Twitter
entity hilariously asks the question "When is it appropriate to stop
signing emails with 'Happy New Year!'?"

Happy New Year.

I apologise, as seems to be the theme for my last several posts, for
the disgusting delay in posting this since the last load, but my
political fire has been reignited. Most of my posts were from before
the election, when I had a list as long as the distance between the
Green Party and sound fiscal policy (haw haw haw) worth of things the
government were doing that annoyed me. After the election, this list
was cut significantly by the government simply not doing a great deal
of anything, and has remained short by my general agreement of what
they have started doing.

But this means, as per the clockwork routine if British politics, it's
time for the slightly leftish, sane but wrong, socially democratic
wings of the press to malt their sensible cocoons and explode in a
gorgeous butterfly of absolute financial monstrosity and lunacy. As
such, I have a new target, and it's for this reason that my
aforementioned political fire (read as: vitriolic hate) can be
reignited, with an almost endless supply of disgusting shit being
spewed by people who, obviously, don't understand the world as much as
a 22 year old white male whom still lives with his dad.

So, with that said, hello and welcome again.


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